I have interrupted the record and killed the app. Where can I find that record file now?

Record interrupted and/or force closed or killed the app

Depending on the length of that recording, you may or may not have enough sound files to be analyzed by the server.

  • If you recorded for less than 3 hours, it is likely you will not have a final report since analysis was not possible. It may be listed under Incomplete Test tab in the Report screen.
  • If the recording was interrupted but you recorded for longer than 3 hours, the app may still need to upload sound files for analysis. Connect your phone to WiFi and re-launch the app. Check the Complete and Incomplete Test tabs in Report screen and pull-down to refresh. Leave the app in the foreground so it can complete the file upload process. After 30 minutes, revisit the Report screen to see if your report shows up in either Complete or Incomplete Test.