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I registered a new account, but I did not receive the email verification link. What should I do?

Briefly summarizes new account registration process, including email validation link, and user remedy steps for most common issues

We apologize for the email validation link issue you are encountering. Listed below are few possible reasons for the issue and possible remedies.

  1. Occasionally, DROWZLE users may experience a slight delay in receiving the email validation link as it routed through their internet and email provider(s). If you do not receive the email verification link within 15 minutes of registering, then please proceed to next listed item.
  2. Please check your email junk and/or spam mail folder for the email containing the validation link.
  3. If neither of the above items resolve the issue, then a second request for the email validation link may be initiated by logging into the application. Upon DROWZLE login, the application will present a pop-up box that contains a link to resend the verification email. Please click and a new email validation link will be sent.
  4. Please review the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Confirm your email address was properly entered during registration (spelling or typos)
  • Your registered email is active and email account filters (spam) do not restrict unrecognized senders
  • Consider registering with another email account

If the above does not result in successful registration, then please visit our Customer Help Center to submit a Support Request ticket at this link. A service representative will respond to your request.