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I completed a recording and it is not appearing in "Completed Tests" within the Report Tab. I have a recording appearing in "Incomplete Tests". What do I do?

Summarizes conditions why a report may appear in "Incomplete Tests" (vs. "Completed Tests") and remedy steps

The DROWZLE application places all successfully-completed, sleep breathing recordings into the "Completed Tests" tab within the Report screen. If you have allowed the 30 minute analysis time for a report to appear after recording completion, then check for the report in the "Incomplete Tests" tab.

Recordings appear in the "Incomplete Tests" tab for a variety of reasons. Most often, they appear in the incomplete state due to the recording environmental conditions not being aligned with product usage guidelines. Typical examples of situations that may yield incomplete results include the following:

  • Recording was not long enough - Please ensure you record overnight, with a minimum of six hours.
  • Recording identified more than one breathing signal - You must sleep alone during a sleep breathing recording. The DROWZLE application can detect the breathing of others within a room (including pets) and this compromises the quality of your sleep breathing analysis.
  • Recording identified other consistent or repetitive sounds - The DROWZLE application analyzes your sleep breathing through signal processing, and specifically sound. It is important the room you record within is quiet and free of other sounds such as white noise machines, humidifiers, CPAP machines, loud ceiling fans, etc. Although the application is designed to eliminate these sound sources for breath analysis, it is best to minimize them to ensure a high quality recording.
  • Recording quality impacted by phone distance from application user - We recommend that phone microphone be no more than 1 to 2 feet away from the user during a sleep breathing recording. Greater distances may decrease recording quality and result in a incomplete test.

If one or more of the above situations were present, then an incomplete report may result. We recommend you attempt another recording for a full evening, sleeping alone, in a quiet setting, and with your phone within two feet of your face.

If you receive additional incomplete recordings after several attempts, then please click this to submit a ticket to our support team. A service representative will be happy to assist you further.