What does Enable Use of Cellular Plan application feature do?

Briefly summarizes the use of Cellular Plan Enablement feature within the DROWZLE app

The DROWZLE app provides the flexibility to allow users to perform their sleep breathing analysis either through WiFi or their cellular data plan.  

Before each recording, if you Enable Use of Cellular Plan (slide the glider to the right or green), you are enabling usage of cellular data and will be reminded that standard rates apply.  The application default setting utilizes your established WiFI connection(s) at home, work, or wherever you may be using the DROWZLE application.  

We only recommend enabling the cellular data feature if your provider plan includes unlimited use of data, and a reliable WiFi is not available.  Please note that a full night's recording (8 hours) will use approximately 800MB-1GB of data. Also, when enabled, cellular data will only be used if a reliable WiFi connection cannot be established.

Rest assured that the enablement of the cellular plan is always defaulted to OFF for each recording instance. 

For further questions about your cellular data plan and limitations, please contact your cellular provider. Do not enable the switch if you are unsure of your data plan agreement.  You will be responsible for payment of data usage per your cellular contract arrangement.