Why did I get an "Insufficient Recording"?

Insufficient Recording

DROWZLE will analyze all your sound files. If you get an Insufficient Recording in the Report tab, it can be because of one or several of these scenarios:

  • Your recording was not long enough - please make sure you record overnight or longer than 6 hours.
  • You did not record alone - if you have a bed partner, the app could pick up both breathing sounds and your report results could be affected. Please note, this includes pets.
  • The room was not quiet enough - if you sleep with a white noise machine, humidifier, or something that makes a constant humming sound, the app could pick that sound up and your report results could be affected.
  • The phone was too far - the recommended distance between the microphone and your face is 1 to 2 feet away during recording.

Please try recording again. Make sure you record alone, in a quiet room, with the phone close to your face, and overnight.

If you are still getting insufficient recording after several attempts, please click this to submit a ticket to our support team for further investigation.