How good was your sleep? Measure and track your daytime performance using DROWZLE QUEST™

DROWZLE QUEST™ is a fun and fast tool to assess how your sleep habits may be affecting your daytime performance. Play DROWZLE QUEST’s inaugural game, ZZZ Zapper, to test your reaction time. Avast! Think fast! as bombs, parrots and targets come at you. DROWZLE QUEST also provides a way to keep track of your sleep with an easy-to-use sleep journal. 


DROWZLE QUEST is a companion application that works with the DROWZLE® Sleep Health Program to combine the science of tracking your sleep breathing with measuring its impact on your daytime performance. You can compare your DROWZLE results against your gameplay and sleep journal to assess how sleep is affecting your alertness and concentration.


DROWZLE QUEST is available to the public through participating employers and healthcare providers by invitation via special DROWZLE Sleep Health promotions, and through the DROWZLE Sleep Kit that can be purchased at www.drowzlesleepkit.com. If you’ve received an access code, please enter it at www.GetDROWZLE.com . 


Remember to download both DROWZLE and DROWZLE QUEST from the app store. 


Better Nights Make for Better Days!