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My report is missing. I inadvertently stopped or closed the application during a recording. What do I do? Where can I find the report?

Briefly summarizes application force closures (application killed) during recordings and impacts on report creation

If the sleep breathing recording was interrupted due to an application closure, then it may be necessary to record again on another evening. Recording duration must meet a minimum time threshold, three hours or more, for sleep breathing analysis to be performed and a report to be created. In most instances, interrupted recordings not meeting the minimal time threshold will result in an insufficient report or no report being created. Generally, recordings over the time threshold will result in sleep breathing analysis and a posted report.

Please follow the steps below to determine the status of the interrupted recording:

  1. Ensure you are connected to WiFi.
  2. Relaunch the application.
  3. Navigate to the Report Screen and execute the "pull-down" motion to refresh the results.
  4. If you don't see your dated report, go to back to the Report screen and re-record.
  5. If there are sound files still locally stored on your phone before the application was closed, you will be notified with a pop-up message indicating files are still being uploaded.
  6. If you recorded for less than three hours before the application was closed, it is likely you will not have a final report since analysis was not possible. To proceed to recording, log out of the app (click the hamburger menu on the top right corner -> Log out -> click OK to delete files). Then log back in the application and Record again.
  7. If the application was closed, but you recorded for longer than three hours, the app may still need to upload sound files for analysis. Leave the application in the foreground so it can complete the file upload process. After 30 minutes, revisit the Report screen to see if your report shows up in either Complete or Incomplete Test.