Why should I care about my snoring and sleep breathing?

Discusses importance of restful sleep and impacts of poor sleep breathing.

A lot of people don’t know if they snore … or if they do, won’t know if their snoring is harmless (just snoring) or harmful and potentially dangerous (OSA).

Now, with DROWZLE™, there is an easy way to record and analyze your sleep breathing patterns, like snoring, or the times that you stop breathing, or stir from sleep, gasping for breath. Analysis of the patterns can help you better understand whether your snoring may be harmless or harmful.

Restful, uninterrupted sleep is vital to your health. In fact, recent studies in neuroscience have concluded that the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy brain and body, particularly as we age, is getting enough restful sleep.

Measuring your sleep breathing health can tell you a lot about how restful your sleep is, and how alert and productive you can expect to be during the day. Regular monitoring of your sleep breathing patterns can tell you if your sleep breathing is stable, getting better or getting worse.